Monday, January 17, 2011

Zombies Ate My Homework Tshirt Giveaway!

Well folk, the day has finally come...I go back to school tomorrow. And in honor of this, what better shirt to giveaway than this killer one with the best excuse for not having your homework ever...Zombies ate it! One lucky DBH reader will get an XL of this shirt from!

So what do you have to do to win? Simply comment with your name, email, and the best excuse you've ever used to get out of doing your homework. The winner will be announced on Jan. 23rd so enter and good luck!

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jen said...


My best excuse ever - getting a breast reduction. Iused it as an excuse as much as possible. Got me out of writing more than a few papers!

Mary said...

Mary P.

My little brother drew all over it with a pink crayon...he actually did! lol

Sheri said...

I didn't get out of it, but I put off a term paper until two days before it was due. I thought my mom was going to KILL me. She had to take the day off from work to help me research (this was the 80s) and type up the paper. I don't remember what excuse I gave, I just remember being terrified to tell my mom what was going on. I think I got grounded, and the term paper only got a "C".

Anonymous said...

I didn't get out of doing it, but I used my baby brother vomited on it at breakfast


Kristi Dorson said...

Kristi - kristi AT thedorsons DOT com

In college I once faked a severe wrist sprain. I went to a party at a friend's and got trashed and passed out and missed work AND class, so I told everyone that my car got a flat and that when I was trying to change the tire (my first time), I didn't put the jack on right and the car slipped and fell and knocked me over and hit my arm and I sprained my wrist. I even went to the college infirmary and they somehow believed my story and wrote a note confirming it and I got my arm bandaged and a sling and everything. i wore that sling for two weeks to keep my story going. It was awesome.

Kate said...

We had to do this horrible fruit fly experiment back when I was in high school (so many moons ago). One of the things we had to do was use a chemical that would knock the little darlings out so that we could sort them by whatever the heck we were supposed to be sorting them for. There was a danger of giving them too much, thus killing them. I didn't want to do the project, so I lied and said I'd accidentally over-anesthetized them and got an A on the project anyway for the effort. :)

Kate Towery

iZombie said...

holy crap... this is totally me

i fell into a not-quite-frozen lake by my home and i had blood clots to my brain and my heart from the temp dropping in my body so quickly. i was not responding to things and eventually passed out and paramedics were called. i was out of school for two days, and the homework was forgiven... since i almost died...
true story!


I tried to use the excuse of some crazy religious holiday, saying I was of that religion so couldn't do the work..the teacher didn't buy it, though.

Zombie Hayes