Friday, December 3, 2010 Camp Crystal Lake Counselor Tshirt Giveaway!

Yet again, the fine folks at are being awesome and offering one lucky DBH reader some killer swag. Their new Camp Crystal Lake Counselor shirt makes the perfect addition to any horror fan's closet. It makes a killer convo piece, or the perfect quick costume idea! I got an XL to giveaway and am looking for the biggest Friday the 13th fan to give it to!

So what do you have to to to win? Leave a comment with your name, email address, and why you think your the biggest Friday the 13th fan! That's it folks! The winner will be announced on December 17th (what a kick ass Xmas gift this would be!) so enter and good luck!


theneonheart said...

I am the biggest Friday the 13th fan because Friday the 13th is my favorite movie, I was born on Friday the 13th, my name is Jason Vorhees, I went to a camp when I was a kid called Camp Crystal Lake, and I wear a hockey mask.

iZombie said...
cause i hear the theme in my head ever second of every day... and only stops when i look at my photo of my mother... yes i am a momma's boy.

really i have seen all of the friday the 13th films in the show since i was a youngin'

Martin Rose said...

I think I'm the biggest Friday the 13th fan because I worked at a camp as a counselor, but because I was underage, they managed to get away with paying me 25 cents an hour to herd screaming brats. At which point, I thought of Friday the 13th, and spent many weeks hoping I might be hacked to death, preferably after a steamy round of necking.

Anonymous said...

I grew up watching these movies! I would sleep in our guest room in the basement on saturday nights so I could stay up all night watching these movies:) Every halloween I play the theme music loud to scare the kiddies!


Awesome contest! I am the biggest FRIDAY THE 13th fan by far! I went as JASON for Halloween last year, and collect every sort of JASON/FT13TH memorbillia. I bought the book "Crystal Lake Memories" and it is my life goal to have it signed by every person to ever play Jason Voorhees in a FT13TH film. So far i have 5 Jason's that have autographed my book!


Zombie Hayes