Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Zombie Care Bears T-Shirt Giveaway!

Tshirtbordello.com, the king of kick ass t-shirt sites, is once again offering one lucky DBH winner the chance to win one of their new designs...and this one tops them all! How would you like to be decked out in Zombie Care Bear art? Well little reaplings, you can!!!

This contest is to win the Zombie Care Bear shirt pictured above in a size XL. So, what do you have to do to win? Simply leave a comment to this post with your your name, email, and tell me what you would do if you ran into a pack of Zombie Care Bears! That's it folks! The winner will be announced on Nov. 30 so enter and good luck!!!


Chris D said...

Id eat them before they eat me

Chris D

Anonymous said...

Id send them to chase after my kids for a while, maybe after running from zombie carebears for a while, they would get worn out enough to sleep past 4 am!

Erin T.

WeirdArchives said...

What to do if I ran into a pack of Zombie Care Bears? Well, they're not like mere possessed stuffed animals that a simple Molotov cocktail can dispatch. (I don't care what ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS say. Generic canned sodas will not do a thing against those critters. That's the wrong weapon and another discussion matter.) No, dealing with this kind of undead requires some heavier firepower, the kind that's expensive on eBay. You'll need a vial of Dust of the Purified Dead, which runs about $100 a gram in some circles. (Told ya it was expensive on eBay.) You have to have the Zombie Care Bears grouped together because the Dust is very potent and very pricey. Speak the Incantation of Dispellment (or just say "Piss off, undead bastards!". The Incantation's just for inner morale support in this case. It DOES have to be used when dealing with stronger smarter undead like vampires and liches.) and toss the vial on a hard surface in the middle of the undead. (If there's no hard surface under them, just air for the head of the closest Zombie Care Bear.) You should be about five feet away from the impact because the Dust of the Purified Dead packs a punch and makes no distinction between living and dead tissue once released. The fire alone can melt most earthly metals and can even start nuclear fission if the conditions are right. Once the dead are dispatched, you are strongly suggested to avoid the area for twenty-four hours lest your living aura revives the remains and starts the zombie cycle all over again. (Don't ask me how I know about this stuff. I hang with some...unruly characters.)

Hope this will help.


R.D. Penning said...

I would beat them to death with my rainbow colored baseball bat!

R.D. Penning

Spookywolffe said...

I would hug their wittle bodies tight...wong enough to swice off their wittle sweet heads :)



Awesome Shirt! If I came across a pack of Zombie Care Bears, I would sic Rainbow Bright: Zombie Hunter on them!!

Zombie Hayes

Daph said...

I would get eaten, yep, I would be saying, "oh how cute!!" when all of a sudden, nom nom nom
I'm toast!!

Living Dead Girl Nicole said...

I would shoot them in their adorable little zombie bear heads!! Sorry if there is a zombie apocolypse.. bears or human you have to stick to your zombie survival techniques my friend!!

contact: http://livingdeadgirlnicoleart.blogspot.com/p/contact-artist.html
(I try not to post my email cause of spammers!)

Swands said...

I think I would just laugh, ya know? They're Care Bears! Even a zombie Care Bear can't be all that scary.


Mike said...

I'd check the gun to see how many rounds I have left and then do the Care Bear Count Down.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.

-Mike Schneider

Lucky's Luna said...

If they were coming I'd run and try to make some sort of rainbow powered gun that would destroy them with cute blasts of rainbows through their stuffed heads.
Jessica Chiou

Nutty Nikki in FL said...

Zombie Care Bears, huh? If I ran into a den of them, it would be no problem. I would take out my handy dandy Rambo survival knife (everyone should have one), skin them and eat them. Am I missing a point like how did I kill them? Hehehe - they took a look at me without makeup. Even my hubby and kids DO NOT see me without makeup. The mere sight alone is enough to kill undead animals. I do think on further contemplation that I would make some bear jerky out of them. Besides, bears taste just like manatees which taste like salty chicken. YUMMY!

theneonheart said...

Care bear zombies have few natural predators, so I'd just let them overbreed and die of hunger.

JL_Bryan said...

I would adopt them into my household. Maybe use them as security dogs. Wow, I want that shirt!

jeff at jlbryanbooks dot com