Monday, November 29, 2010

Dollar Bin Film - "Mirrors 2"

The new night security guard at a store that is about to open finds himself having to solve the mystery of a former employee that went missing while people connected with the store are murdered by an evil presence connected with one of the mirrors from the store. 

How does Mirrors 2 work as a companion piece to the original Mirrors? It has all the same sensibilities- evil mirrors, sleek production design, an edgy lead actor, fake looking CGI and gory over the top death sequences. So the two feel intricately connected, even though the plot threads that connect the two is as loose as it gets. Still, it is all for nothing. It just isn't enough to camouflage the overall weakness of the storyline. The mystery that the film is spinning and the answers to that very mystery have been done a million times before and it will be done a million times again in the future. It's all rather predictable and bland. Though Mirrors 2 makes for a compatible companion piece to the original, it also feels like a made for TV movie just with a lot of gore and a strong visual aesthetic.

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Elgart said...

Wow! Gonna check this out! The first one is really nice..