Monday, October 4, 2010

Dollar Bin Film - Underworld

By: Brandon Sites

In Underworld, vampires and werewolves are in a war against one another, however a female vampire warrior finds herself falling in love with a werewolf who longs for the war to end. Underworld is one of those films in which vampires pose and posture a lot and try to act cool. Dialogue and story are irrelevant in this type of film. It's all about trying to emulate that in crowd factor.

Writing about Underworld is like reminiscing about high school. Even if you hated the cool kids in school, there was something that drew other kids to them. They had this certain WOW factor. There was something intriguing about them. Something that gave them this certain mystique. So what exactly is the point of all this talk? Underworld tries to be one of the cool kids. However, Underworld  feels like someone that's trying to fit into this crowd, but doesn't really belong. It's an OK film, but if you're looking for something in a similar vein, rent Blade instead. Blade is in essence one of the cool kids, while Underworld isn't.


Rabid Fox said...

I quite liked Underworld. The sequel, however, is a different story. Then, the third film came out and that was surprisingly decent.

Blade is better, I agree.

iZombie said...

i have never managed to keep myself awake in any of these films... i am a huge fan of the idea, though for me i never got it...

so maybe i just need coffee and a gun to my head...