Friday, October 22, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Shattered Mind Studios

We here at Dollar Bin Horror love bringing you the newest minds in indie horror films, books, and artists and we are privileged to be able to introduce you to Shattered Mind Studios, the brain child of Scott Baker of Shattered Ravings and Hayes Hudson of Hayes Hudson's House of Horrors. Hayes emailed me about their first film; a short literally made by two men, no money, and a camera, and asked if I would give my opinion on it. Let me tell you, if that little short is any indication of what is to come, all the other indie companies out there now better watch out! I'll let Hayes tell you a little bit more about the company and give you all a link to watch the short for yourselves!

"Our production company is called Shattered Mind Studios based in NorthWest Arkansas. It was founded Scott Baker and Hayes Hudson.

You can find most all the  info you need from our website (  Basically, we were two friends that loved movies, esp. Horror, and decided we wanted to have some fun and make movies of our own. SMS was formed in 2009 with the hopes of shooting at least one film per year.

Our first film can be seen here :
It was shot by just the two of us in about 6 hrs one day. We had zero cast/crew.  The two of us did everything, from acting to camera work. It was shot with our personal Handycam MiniDV home video cameras. This is just a sample of what we could do if we had an actual cast and crew, good cameras/mics and some decent actors! We hope people put aside the bad acting and film/audio quality and focus on any potential they might see in us as filmmakers. We figure we can only get better, so stay tuned for bigger and better things to come!"

 A big thanks to Hayes for letting me tell you all about this great up in coming film company. Expect to see great things from these guys soon!

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