Friday, September 24, 2010

Scott Kenemore's newest novel, "Zombie, Ohio" is Available for Pre-Order Today!

 If your a reader of DBH, you know how much I adore the writings of Mr. Kenemore. I must say his next novel is one that really makes me excited, seeing at I myself am an Ohioan. Zombie, Ohio is available today for pre-prder at Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Amazon. and I can't wait to be able to review this one!

The book is the tale of a rural Ohio college professor who must navigate the harrowing world of a zombie apocalypse while attempting to solve his own murder. And also, it’s kind of a comedy. I am ecstatic to read this book and I want everyone to get online right now and pre-order this bad boy, cause it's going to be a great one! Scott is one of my favorite horror authors of all time and I am overjoyed that there will be a Zombie book set in my home state! O-H-I-O!!!

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