Saturday, September 18, 2010

Abandon - Five Dolla Holla

By: Brandon Sites of

Abandon is one of those films that I can revisit over and over again, because it personally resonates with me. Who hasn't been a young adult, who still has teenage tendencies, that's unsure about what the future holds? Who hasn't doubted themselves? Who hasn't gone out and drinked a bit more then they should of at some party that they really shouldn't have gone to? Who hasn't had feelings of love that passed you by or a feeling of regret associated with that person that slipped by? Abandon takes on issues that every young adult has faced at some point or another and fashions that into a thriller with some supernatural elements. Katie Holmes stars as Katie a young college student about to graduate who's unsure about the future. A police detective starts poking around into the disappearance of a filthy rich playboy / student who went missing a few years ago. This playboy turns out to be Katie's former flame who left her suddenly one night all by her lonesome. As the detective probes, old memories about her former flame are unearthed, and passions are reignited, a series of events begins to unfold that will change everyone's life.

The issues facing the main character of Katie resonate. However, there is more to that, there's a love story between  Charlie Hunnam and Holmes. They have some sizzling chemistry. They have that spark. The connection is truly tangible. Then there is the thriller elements, that have an electricity to them. They help form the foundation of what turns out to be a truly haunting character study that lingers long after it's over. The theme of abandonment plays a major part in the thriller story. That abandonment and how it has figured in the characters lives create that haunting feeling. The production values are absolutely dazzling. Abandon has an edgy, avaunt garde look to it, yet it still retains a realistic feel to the proceedings. Abandon always has a piece of imagery to catch the eye. Then there is the performances, the entire cast of then hot up and coming actors turn in terrific work. Each person is able to stand out and showcase their acting abilities. However, it is Katie Holmes who owns this film. Abandon proves she's just more then a teenybopper actress. She's the real deal.

Abandon is everything a film buff could want. It has a good story populated by characters you want to get to know topped off with top of the line production values. Abandon is a film that slipped by the cracks and stands out as one of the better films of the decade.

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Heather Santrous said...

I was in a Katie Holmes kick for a while, before the creepy marriage thing went down. I watched a few of her movies, and was even thinking of making a collection out of them. A friend of mine made the suggestion that I watch Abandon when she found out I had picked it up. I'm glad she did.

Abandon surprised me and Katie surprised me even more. It was so unlike her other movies, and I thought she did a wonderful job in it. This is actually the first review I have seen for it, not that I have gone looking for them, so I am glad that you did a review and enjoyed it as well. I hope it gets other people to watch this one if they haven't already.