Friday, August 27, 2010

Sorority House Massacre - Splurge of the Week

By: Brandon Sites of

With The Slumber Party Massacre collection about to be re-released, I thought it was a fitting time to look back at this rip-off from the very same producer, Roger Corman, as Massacre. This one also manages to ripoff Halloween too.

As a sorority pledge gathers at her new sorority home,  that triggers a psychic link (dang on pesky psychic bonds!) with a brother that tried to kill her back when she was a young kid. Her brother escapes from the asylum and drives cross country to get to dear old sis and her new found sorority sisters. Technically incompetent and even at a brief 74 minutes, you can really feel the padding on this one as there is prolonged flashbacks and dream sequences throughout. That doesn't really matter though. If you are a fan of 80's nostalgia, then you've hit a gold mine with this film. Who didn't like the big hair, the even bigger personalities, the horrid fashions of that period or the gratuitousness of it all? With Sorority House Massacre, you also get some perfectly tacky musical selections which are accompanied by scenes of sorority girls tossing off their clothes and getting naked so that they can try on one of the other sorority sister's clothes since she has left on vacation. Or another lovely scene, in which one of the sorority sisters goes to help her boyfriend put together the teepee which ends in them having sex of course! To even tap further into the nostalgia aspect, there is even a scene in which everyone gathers around the fireplace and tell tales of urban legends. If that wasn't enough, there is some deep, meaningful (yeah right!) psychology introduced into the film to tap into what drove big bro to kill. At the end of it all, all the characters get naked, screw, drink beer, or engage in elicit activities, save one character. That character is of course the survivor of Sorority House Massacre. Wonder which one it could be....?

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