Monday, August 23, 2010

Great Horror Collections for Less at!

I was recently emailed by a website called that specializes in dvd sets at significantly lowered prices. Now seeing that Dollar Bin Horror is dedicated to horror fans on a budget, I felt this site needed to be shared. How would you like 50 classic horror films for just $15, or 12 cult classics for just $10, Or even 100 classics for $30!?! has a wide collection of horror films for very low prices and I just wanted to share a few of them with you:

Blood Bath 12 Movie Collection; 3 DVDs; $9.99

Get ready to face your biggest fears with 12 uniquely terrifying films, packaged together in one sublimely horrific movie collection.  This shocking showcase unleashes edgy new horror classics to hungry audiences with a thirst for independent horror.  The body count rises and nightmares become reality in these gruesome tales of terror.
Featuring: International Scream Queen Fiona Horsey, Legendary Actor and Author Marc Fiorini, Cult Favorite Jack Elam, and Master of Horror Tom Savini. Over 18 hours of Blood and Gore Galore!

A FANGTASTIC PACK OF FILMS WITH BITE! Sink your teeth into this horrifying anthology of the most shocking, sultry and salacious vampire flicks.  Featuring a bevy of blood-hungry babes, this immortal collection includes 12 seductive tales of survival, lust and obsession that is sure to entice fans of the fangs! 

Shock, schlock, chills and thrills can all be found in this outrageous collection of films unearthed outside of mainstream cinema.  From savage serial killers to strange underwater creatures, this creepy collection of cult cinema classics features a dozen drive-in delicacies from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Featuring such stars as: Donald Pleasance (Halloween), Peter Cushing (Star Wars), Jay North (TV's Dennis the Menace), Robert Reed (The Brady Bunch), Trish Van Devere (The Changeling), and many more!

Your most frightening nightmares come true in this incomparable collection of 50 spine-tingling films.  Never before has such a diverse collection of movies been culminated together for horror freaks to feast upon, filled with psychotic serial killers (Don't Answer the Phone), horrifying creatures (Monstroid), haunted mansions (House By the Cemetery) and blood-thirsty vampires (Fangs of the Living Dead). Also featuring big-screen horror legends (Scared to Death with Bela Lugosi) and adaptations of literary classics (Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart), this collection is sure to scare the wits out of horror fans!

This set is an instant library of horror movie classics. Masters of terror such as Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi and Tod Slaughter appear in a twisted universe of zombies, vampires, psychos, killers and freaks. This incomparable compilation features 100 movies on 24 entertainment-packed double-sided DVDs.

Born William Henry Pratt in London, England, Boris Karloff changed his name after emigrating to Canada and falling into an acting career. He made dozens of silent films while doing manual labor to pay the bills. His role as the Monster in Frankenstein (1931) propelled him into stardom. The next year he played another iconic character, Imhotep, in The Mummy. Teaming with Bela Lugosi never led to a close friendship but did result in each actor's most revered and lasting movies.

The site has many more horror film collections and collections from other genres and televisions as well! Dvds can be purchased directly from the site, but if you want to watch trailers for their horror collections, head over to

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