Friday, July 9, 2010

Predators - Splurge of the Week

By: Brandon Sites of
Group of elite soliders with a wimpy doctor in tow are placed in the middle of a foreign jungle as the prey for a group of alien predators.

Reboot of the popular, though generally uneven, Predator franchise. The cast brings some much needed edge to their roles with Adrien Brody having one of his better roles since The Pianist, but lacks a presence as commanding as Arnold Scchwarzenegger in the original. Exciting, but drags at times which Alien vs. Predator- Requiem certainly didn't. Has some heart stopping suspense, but this element isn't as strong as the original. There is some humor, but that cheapens the overall effect of the movie. The score which is overbearing and over the top at times reminds one of a B movie. The predators find all kinds of carnage to get invovled in, but it doesn't have the same impact or chilling quality of the original. The predators have a new design (though the classic predator appears for the first time since the original), but they lack the innovation of the alien/predator hybrid of AVP-Requiem or the mysterious quality of the original. An entertaining ride, but serves as a reminder of how other films in the franchise were better, especially the first film.

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Rabid Fox said...

I wish I could be excited about this movie, but I still have such stinging memories of Predator 2 and AvP, that I've been soured on the franchise.