Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dollar Bin Film: The Changeling

By Eric Polk of

Released in 1980 and directed by Peter Medak, The Changeling is a ghost story based on the experiences of writer Russell Hunter during his stay at the Henry Treat Rogers mansion in Denver,Colorado. The movie stars Academy Award winner George C.Scott(Patton, Firestarter) as a classical music composer who moves to Seattle and a Victoria-era mansion following the deaths of his wife and daughter in a traffic accident in upstate New York.Soon he discovers the house is haunted by the spirit of a murdered young boy who is linked to powerful United States Senator and his family.

This movie is a slow tension builder(the way these kind of films should be). There are plenty of jump scares to go along with the eerie little boy haunting the house. While there is nothing in the way of gore, there are a few disturbing scenes to satisfy the horror cravings in us all. The acting is top-notch though Mr. Scott seems subdued alot of the time.

This isn't a dumb hack-n-slash or breakneck-pace piece of cinema. It takes it's time establishing itself, but once it gets going, I think you will enjoy this classic horror movie.

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Anonymous said...

Good movie !! too bad the ''Changeling'' is on DVD in FULLSCREEN only ,signed ''FANTASM''