Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Splurge of the Week - The Mutilator

"By Sword, By Pick, By Axe, Bye Bye"
The Mutilator (aka Fall Break) is one of the slashers of the VHS era whose cover work always stood out in my mind. The plot is pretty simple. A young college guy invites his friends to his father's beach condo to close it up for the winter. Dear old dad though has never forgiven his son for accidential death of his wife so he plans on seeking revenge on his son by finding various creative ways to kill his friends and ultimately his son.

The Mutilator is one of those films that I have a fond spot for in my heart. It is cheesy as all get out. The song Fall Break that plays over the opening credits is a laugh riot. The characters are goofy and stupid with the film's dialogue and situations rather ridiculous at times. However, that is all part of the film's charm. It gives it an endearing quality. That along with some extreme scenes of gore in which the characters are rather brutally killed off in some downright disturbing scenes of violence contrasted against the film's lighter moments truly capture the essence of the teen comedy and 80's slasher all in one package.

Director Buddy Cooper and the cast seem to be having a real whale of a time making this film and that sense of fun and pleasure that they have by being involved in this project comes across on screen. Can I recommand it whole heartedly? No, the production values and acting are not up to par with the general standards of professionalism. However, this is one fun, entertaining film that truly knows how to keep the audience amused and I'll take that over dispassionate or cold filmmaking that is incredibly well done any day.

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