Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Killer Party - Dollar Bin Film

By: Brandon Sites ( http://www.bigdaddyhorrorreviews.com/ )

Troubled horror production from MGM/UA was onto something when it tried to mix several different horror sub-genres into one film. Too bad the results don't gel or form a cohesive tone/style. Opens up with a great music video from White Sister titled April. Films shifts into a coming of age drama with some cheesy bits of comedy about the trials of sorority life complete with hideous 80's fashion, badly dated soundtrack selections and some nudity for good measure. During this segment we are introduced to three friends who are all townies pledging the same sorority house. One of them has a unique gift for special effects. So the president of the sorority gets the bright idea to hold the annual April Fool's party at a long dormant house that is rumored to be haunted. Turns out such ubran legend is indeed very true as the various partygoers are murdered in a number of ways by someone in an old rusty scuba outfit.

Flawed film in which almost all the scenes of violence were cut in order to achieve an R rating and it's all over the place in terms of storytelling. One min. it's a comedy, the next a drama, the next a haunted house film, the next a slasher, next a possession film, it even has a bit of zombies and just a dash of monster movie. It takes all of these various types of movies that fans love and form it into one entertaining movie. Sure, it could've been done a lot better, but it keeps things moving briskly, it rarely bores, and it's just one heck of a guilty pleasure. 100% fun all the way!

The entire movie is available for FREE via Youtube. I have enclosed the first 10 mins. below for your viewing pleasure.

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The Halloween Blues said...

I had a chance to watch this the other day, but I passed on it because the description wasn't all that appealing. Holy crap though, that sounds like a pinata full of awesome-ness. Zombies, slashers, monsters and haunted houses? Yes, please. I know what I'm watching tonight before bed.