Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If You Had One Horror Genre Related Wish, What Would It Be? Part 3

In a series of ongoing horror articles, Brandon Sites of www.bigdaddyhorrorreviews.com (Big Daddy Horror Reviews) posed this simple question. Here is my answer!

Through all the bad remakes, stolen ideas, and plots that have been done a million times, the one thing I wish for in horror is an original movie that is actually scary! Remember how The Exorcist gave us nightmares? Remember how terrifying Freddy was the first time we saw him? Remember the uneasy feeling you got hiking in the woods after seeing The Blair Witch? Where the hell is the fear anymore!?! The new horror films coming out today are either bad remakes, or boring originals. While many people liked The Human Centipede or Splice simply because they were original, are they really scary? No. The Human Centipede's main objective is the gross out while Splice's main point is to...well actually I have no idea what it was meant to do but one thing is for sure, neither one of them scared me. It's actually been so long since I have been terrified at a horror film, I'm wondering if film makers forgot how to scare the viewers! Hell, I'm so desperate for a scary horror film, I'll take a great remake as long as it gives me nightmares! So to make a long story short, the one thing I ask of the horror film genre is to scare me, like a horror movie is supposed to do!


Cal Miller said...

Sometimes I wonder if movies just aren't scary or maybe I, along with everyone else, have become jaded. Have we seen everything scary so that nothing phases us so the only thing left is to be grossed out?

Spookywolffe said...

I'm kinda like Cal. I wonder whether we as horror buffs are just jaded due to the enormous quantity of horror movies these days. I don't think that in general movie makers are as concerned with the scare as much as the set piece, or the potential of a franchise. I admit that I jumped a bit watching Paranormal Activity, primarily due to the sound design. These days, I value the originality, the "Let the Right One In" factor, as it were. Don't just give me vampires or zombies, give me something I can sink my teeth into (so to speak). My favorite horror movie of the last few years has been "Trick r' Treat"; it wasn't wholly original, nor was it particularly scary, but it was produced with a passion for the art. That would, I guess, by my genre wish: more filmmakers with a passion for their films, rather than "cookie cutter" plot points or unnecessary remakes. It doesn't have to be a perfect film, but give me that scene or character or monster that sticks with me past the end of the movie.