Thursday, June 17, 2010

Five Dolla Holla - Return To Sleepaway Camp

By: Brandon Sites (
I know I might be in the minority here, but I totally dug this sequel to the original Sleepaway Camp. At another summer camp near the sight of the original a series of murders are taking place that are seemingly connected to those responsible for bullying a fat kid around. Has Angela returned to even the odds? Is there a copycat at work?

Fans waited years for this film as it spent years being delayed and special effects sequences were redone. Was it worth the wait? In a word- yes! Well at least for me. This is the perfect companion piece to the original film capturing the essence and tone of the first showing kids being mean to mean in their day to day activities or when put together in large groups taking advantage of the lesser members of society. Yet it isn't devoid of humor either. It features some downright gruesome murders and a twist finale just like the original. Elements I also found to be refreshing was the play on switching the sexes this time around and throwing in various elements of mystery into the film's proceedings. Plus, it was a real treat to see stars of the original film in this film.

The original film wasn't well recieved when it first came, but over the years it gained a cult following and genre fans embraced it singing it's praises. In my opinion, this film seems to be following the same path of the first film. Who isn't to say that history might repeat itself and this ends up with a loyal following just like the original? Only time will tell........

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