Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - BOLEYN - Tudor Vampire by Cinearae S. (Book Review)

Tudor England. It is during the reign of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. As her time in power nears an end, Anne is greatly disheartened by the false accusations of adultery, high treason and incest she is arrested for, and the cold-heartedness of her father for his lack of defense in her honor. Upon her death, she vows revenge on those who have wronged her, and the simple change of her death sentence from beheading to hanging grants her the opportunity to execute her wish on those who betrayed her. Once Anne rises from the grave and executes her justice among those who have failed her, the last and final question will be whether Anne will finally have peace, or find comfort in haunting England forever.

This book takes an imaginative and sinister look at the true story of Queen Anne Boleyn of Enlgand. In real life, she was beheaded but venerated as a martyr and heroine of the English Reformation by her Daughter, Queen Elizabeth, after her beheading. In this novel however, she returns from the grave to get her long due revenge against those who wrongly accused her. I like the way the author doesn't omit facts and has obviously done her research; she made me want to do research on the real person just to compare. While parts of the book are very dark and disturbing, it also has some funny graveyard humor moments and is very hard to put down. Its well written and Cinearae S. shows her great ability to take an existing story, which I think would make a great medieval crime drama, and turn it into a story full of horror, blood, betrayal, and revenge. If you like vampire stories, this one is a bit unconventional in terms of her turning into a bat or stuff like that, but Anne is on bad ass woman scorned that you will fall in love and root for. I would recommend this book in a heartbeat, so go check it out HERE (don't believe me? You can download 2 chapters for FREE and check it out for yourself!!!)

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Cal Miller said...

Cinsearae is an awesome lady and a great writer! Check out this book, it is really good!
-Cal Miller
Author, "Het Madden, A Zombie Perespective".