Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top 5 Weapons to use incase of a Zombie Outbreak

My Last Zombie Awareness Month post went over the basic anatomy of the undead. Now that we know you must destroy the brain and/ or sever the spinal column, here are the best weapon choices in combat with the zombies.

#5. Crowbar
Pros: Heavy enough to fracture skull yet light enough to carry around, no ammo required
Cons: May take multiple hits for a kill, Closed Combat weapon

#4 Shovel
Pros: Effecting in decapitation and skull fracturing if aimed right, no ammo required
Cons: May be vary heavy to carry around all day, may get dull, close combat weapon

#3 Axe
Pros: Effective in decapitation and killing the undead, no ammo required
Cons: Must keep sharp, close combat weapon

#2 Machete
Pros: Effective in decapitation and killing the undead, very lightweight, no ammo required
Cons: Must keep sharp, close combat weapon

#1 Guns
Pros: Effective in killing the undead, does not require you to be in close quarters with the enemy
Cons: Having enough ammo, must be able to aim

So next time you come face to face with a face that wants to eat yours, have these on hand and kick some undead ass!


Darius Whiteplume said...

No baseball bat? I think it outranks the crowbar... Actually most of the HtH weapons. May not destroy the undead, but a good whack should help you get away. :-)

iZombie said...

two feet, that is all you need... run like a mother... if you don't have 'em you are going to become one... zombies for everyone...

Rabid Fox said...

I gotta put in an honorable mention to the oft-overlooked scythe. If you've worked a field and the undead come marching between the hay bales, the scythe is your friend. :)

forestofthedead said...

Gonna have to say a machete would be a fun way to kill a zombie.

And excellent post!

Halloweenman666 said...

Awesome, a shovel to the zombie throat would be epic!

Halloweenman666 said...

may I add to the list as well? I would suggest a chainsaw.

Sekhmei said...

I heavliy reommend three items:

Greek Falcata

Gurka Kukhri

Indian Siripata

These are three weapons in the range from long knife to short sword that are specifically designed and balanced for one purpose: decapitation.

Rhonny Reaper said...

Sounds like we all know Our zombie weapons!, I forgot about a chainsaw...

Cal Miller said...

This is my weapon of choice... The Dead On 18-Inch Annihilator Utility and Wrecking Bar

Ryan Clarke said...

The Crowbar has sooo much potential... It would be my first choice. Easy to find, lightweight, silent killing, very durable... the list goes on and you will be able to break into buildings way faster! The crowbar is number 1 in my book.