Thursday, April 8, 2010

Interview with my Brother Blog, Stabbing Stabbing Stabbing!

Today, we get to venture into the mind of one of the nicest, sweetest, and awesomest people I have ever met. His name is Patrick and he writes for the insanely cool blog Stabbing Stabbing Stabbing and the blog Movie Cynics! So enough with the intros and on to the questions!

1. Christopher Lee or Bela Lugosi and why?
Christopher Lee. Not only does he make for a better Dracula but he also is in the Wicker Man and like a million other things. Man is amazing. Bela rocks, but Christopher Lee rocks harder.

2. If you could meet your hero in horror, who would it be?
I would wish to meet, if they were still with us, actor Donald Pleasence and producer Moustapha Akkad who were key members of the Halloween franchise. To at least thank them for all that they've done.

3. Which is the best horror sub-genre outta these three and why - Zombie, Slasher, or "Torture Porn"/Gorey?
Slasher. They are the most entertaining sub-genre of horror. I enjoy the easy to catch things like boobs and blood but other aspects too, like the atmosphere of Crystal Lake, the effect Michael and Freddy had on their home towns. And their is the diversity of the sub-genre, so many variations of slashers. Compare say Sleepaway Camp to Unhappy Campers and the original Black Christmas. Totally different films.

4. What is the coolest thing that has happened to you since starting your blog?
Uh, one is when I've told people like the zombie killed by helicopter blades guy or a writer for a large horror site my blog has mentioned them and they've responded. Another is the development of friendships with other horror fans. And just how many people comment on my posts or hit like on Facebook. It's surreal how fast your life can change.

5. You Also write for Movie'd you land that sweet gig?
Uh, well that was that the head The Vocabulariast put on his wall he was looking for people to write for his site. So I said yes. And he had me doing news but I am now writing reviews for trailers of movies, which is great. And he's been very kind to me as has been another person working for it. And I haven't written anything for that site that was about a horror movie, though seeing the Date Night trailer more than once was horrifying to me. Ugh.

6. And lastly, a super random question, favorite band/artist in music?
"Weird Al" Yankovic. I've been listening to silly music here and there most of my life, and I've come to realize how it's a lot more intelligent and worth paying attention to then a lot of people seem to realize, at least here in the US, and out of my love of silly music came my love for "Weird Al" Yankovic. Not only is he worth paying to and intelligent he's easily one of the most talented musicians I know of, can out preform artists he parodies, is good looking and is awesome. "Weird Al" rocks hardcore.
Also a shot out to filker, filk music is geeky and stuff, hard to define, anyways a shot out to Tom Smith who can be very funny and also very moving. Not exactly at the "Weird Al" fame level but I'd say talent wise they're close.

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