Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - The Path of Torment (Screener Review)

The Path of Torment is the story of a young married couple who are preparing to have
their housewarming party. Unfortunately for them, they invite two
Mormon Missionaries into their home and the young men are not who
they appear to be. Walking the fine line between psychological horror and
dark comedy, The Path of Torment is a can't miss film.

I found this film to be hilariously disturbing in a B-movie way. On the one side, you have some crazy ass Mormon Missionaries coming to this couple's door and they totally flipping the script on the couple and commence torturing them for information, which in itself is disturbing and creepy since I got missionaries coming to my door pretty much every Sunday. On the other hand, you got low budget cheap FX, some bad acting, and quirky moments in the film that make you wanna bust out in laughter. One thing is for sure about this film, it ain't boring. The film is shot pretty well say for the opening scene, which was a bit fussy and looked poorly dubbed, the story and script were pretty funny and entertaining, and the acting wasn't the greatest, but is wasn't the worst (except for the husband's, it's like they're gonna rape your wife and they're cutting your face...could you please cry or scream or SOMETHING! For God sakes don't just sit there tubby!) The main actor, Gary C. Warren (who also wrote and directed the film) gave the best performance out of them all, although no Tom Hanks, but was the most convincing and truly seemed disturbed. Over all though, this film is fun to watch and worth checking out. Head to to learn more about the film!

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