Friday, April 16, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Love in the Time of Damnation

I recently won a contest over at Blog of a Dead Dreamer, and received the first two comics in the Love in the Time of Damnation series. Written by Dann Dobry and drawn by John Decampos, this indie zombie comic is fun and entertaining. It starts off with Frankie, our main character, finding his whole family turned into flesh eating zombies, and having to "take care of them". He reminisces about his friends and later meets up with his buddy Richie. They make plans to head to the lake, hit up a store for supplies, and of course all the while there is some kick ass zombie action going down through out the story. The second comic in the series continues with their story, but I don't wanna give too much away. The stories are very well written and thought out, and the artwork is wonderful comic style drawings. I love the second comic's cover art (to your right) because it's emotional and so well drawn. They're easy to read, entertaining, and I think that all zombie fans would love to read these comics. I really can't wait for the next comic in the series because there just so much fun to read! I recommend everyone check these two out, cause if they keep making comics like this, sooner or later you'll all know their names! You can find out more about them at and on their facebook.


Anonymous said...

that's so awesome that you liked them, too! aren't they surprisingly awesome for indie comics? i have an extra #2 and i'm trying to track down some more of them. depending on my luck in finding them i might be able to share in a give-away of more of them with you. i will definitely send you #3.

Rhonny Reaper said...

thanks sooooo much! I love how the story get right into it and the artwork is awesome!!!!!!!!!