Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Date a Human

Are you a fan of quirky, funny, and scary fantasies? Well then I'd like to share with you a fun and entertaining webisode series I was told about called Date a Human. And you thought finding love online was weird before!

In the future, Allie, a human female, has had her heart broken by a human male for the last time. All men want is babies! Can’t they think about something besides propagating their dwindling species? Fortunately Ruthie, Allie’s cat-like roommate, has the solution, all the single Aliens on the HoloNet. Can Allie safely navigate the world of interspecies romance and find love on DateAHuman.com?

Check out the teaser trailer then head over to DateAHuman.com to watch full episodes for free!

1 comment:

Sarah from Scare Sarah said...

OMG this is so up my alley.