Monday, April 26, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Blood Will Out

Blood Will Out is the first story in The Book of Falling story series by Rob Pegler on It's the story of Gabriel Pope, a man on a mission to find those responsible for his father's death, a man who must come face to face with the children of the night themselves, Vampires. The opening scene is reminiscent to an episode of CSI, but more graphic. Bodies upon bodies found in what appears to be an advanced form of decay, yet in almost new clothing? It baffles both the detectives and the readers until you realize this isn't a natural run-of-the-mill murder scene. The scene sticks with you and you know what your about to read is gonna be good. As the story gets more in depth, it becomes action packed and emotional. The story keeps you hooked until the end, and what an end it is! All boils down to an exciting battle scene between man and the undead, and...well you have to read it to see what happens. A good writer is one who has you envisioning the story in your mind as you read it, and this one surely does. It's very well written, easy to read, and best of all it's totally free. It doesn't seem right does it? A kick ass Vampire story is totally free yet you pay 15 bucks for a Twatlight book!?! But It's true! Head on over to and read for yourself!

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