Thursday, March 18, 2010

Splurge Of The Week : Tales From The Crypt Graphic Novels

We all know the classic comics that gave us chills and spills way back in the day. But have you heard about the NEW Tales From The Crypt from the publishing company Papercutz? If not, I suggest you check em out! These comics and graphic novels follow in the footsteps of the original, All three of our favorite ghouls are back to host the tales, each tale is written and drawing by a different author and artist, and of course the tales are scary. The main difference here is these are aimed toward a younger audience, tweens and teens. The stories are scary and fun, but not over the top. If you have a twatlight teen who you wish would read something better, give em one of these! If you have a kid you'd like to introduce to the world of horror, here's the door! Even if your familiar with the classics and just wanna know what this is all about, I think you'd enjoy these little tales. Though there not as grand as the originals, there enjoyable reads that bring back that old comic feel for the next generation! Find out more HERE.


The Film Connoisseur said...

I think I would defenetly enjoy these. The originals were so graphic with their violence! They were the ones responsible for that "comics code authority" thing that assures parents that their wont be any cursing or extremely graphic violence involved in the comic their kid is buying.

Which is probably why many comics dont carry the "comics code authority" label on them. But I guess for kiddy comics, its okay. Still, I would love finding these! Thanks for pointing them out.

Rhonny Reaper said...

yeah these don't have as much violence, but are still graphic enough to love em (zombies, maggots, you know) A great revival

oducerproducer said...

I've read a few of the new issues, they were fun but definitely didn't live up to the originals, but i didn't expect it to anyhow, still a fun read.