Wednesday, March 31, 2010

5 Inexpensive Ways to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

In continuing with the zombie themed week, and also being cheap as hell, Here are 5 non-expensive ways to prepare yourselves for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. You may want to get started now, cause when the shit hits the fan, there ain't gonna be time then!

1. Weapons - You probably don't have an armory of guns and ammo at you house do you? No problem! There are plenty of common items in your garage that will work wonders for you until you can come up with a gun. For Instance: Chainsaw, Axe, Baseball Bat, Crowbar, Hammer (you know what I mean). Keep these things close to you in times of zombie attacks.

2. Armor - Now big, thick, heavy duty armor can be expensive, bulky, and may make it hard to movie in. So you need to find something light weight, strong, easy to move fast in, and most importantly affordable! What better armor is there than sport armor! I recommend motocross armor, but if that cannot be found football pads are better than nothing!

3. Literature - In order to beat an enemy, you must know your enemy inside and out. You need to be able to walk like a zombie, smell like a zombie, hell even think like a zombie! You need to know everything you can about then, so read up! The best read is Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide, which itself is only around $15, but if your SUPER desperate, Just read the poster below.

4. Organization - Have you ever heard of an army losing the war because he got the ammo mixed with the food? I didn't think so. Another top priority in the war against the undead is to be as organized as possible! Not a very organized person? Well your in luck! Here is a Zombie Survival Sheet thats sure to keep you in line. Click the image above for the full sized version.

5. Spreading The Message - If all else fails, and you know you ain't gonna make it, you can die knowing you saved someone else's life simply by letting them know what they need to do. So get prepared and let others know to do the same, cause there coming and there not gonna wait for you to get ready.


iZombie said...

zombies = friends, prepare... make a cake... zombies love you... lol

Robin Eduardo said...

I should post some of my fire making techniques that i have learned from the various survivalist forums I've frequented over the years. I've learned to make fire using a condom and water, also easily done using fine steel wool and a 9 volt battery. (Salvaged from a smoke detector.) I've even found a way to make fire by making an ice lense in the winter! I've experimented with all three techniques and they do in fact work! I'm ready! Bring on the zombie goodness!

Robin Eduardo said...

Oh yeah I wanted to mention, in your weekly poll for favorite evil doll you neglected to add the most fearsome evil doll ever (perhaps because technically he isn't a doll?) ZUNI from Trilogy of Terror, starring Karen Black! That little mischief maker was a bitch to destroy, and in the end he wasn't ever really destroyed now was he? NO! Zuni gets my vote!

Rhonny Reaper said...

lol I would LOVE to read that! and yes there are many many more awesome doll I could have included...but my poll would have been longer than the blog! lol

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