Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Goatsucker (Screener Review)

Capitalizing on the rash of sightings of a legendary creature called El Chupacabra (Spanish for "The Goatsucker"), a tourist hiking company creates a Goatsucker hiking tour. The pleasant hike turns into a nightmare when disturbing events cause the group to suspect the Goatsucker may be more than just a legend.
This is probably my favorite of the 3 screeners from Big Biting Pig productions that I have reviewed here. It's well shot, the acting ain't to shabby, and the story is well written. It has all the elements of a good horror film with comic relief in just the right places. It also has the Big Biting Pig film's signature, a huge twist at the end that you won't see coming. It's a wonderful indie film that is worth checking out HERE.

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