Monday, February 15, 2010

Cyber Scream Queen of the Day: Christine Hadden

It's time for our special Women In Horror Month posts, The Cyber Scream Queen of the Day! The Woman you see highlighted this day and every day this month deserves the recognition for their outstanding achievements in online horror writing.

Name: Christine Hadden
Blog: Fascination With Fear
Bio: Fascination With Fear was created in March of 2008 to bring together my passion for horror and writing. I'd been blogging awhile before that, but my family probably wasn't too excited reading about all my horror proclivities, so I figured a separate blog with nothing but observations on horror would be right up my alley. It was apparently up a lot of other people's alleys, as I couldn't believe the amount of people out there in the horror blogosphere who shared my frenzied affection for horror! I've met so many great people in the last year or so. Sometimes it feels like a real family - a cyber-family, but nontheless.
My blog is a mixed bag of movie reviews, rants on the state of horror today, and features such as Sunday Bloody Sunday and Mindless Movie Monday. I don't have a specific clear cut format or scheme to my madness, I just write whatever comes to mind. It seems to work, so I've kept it that way. I don't so much report horror news, because there are already lots of sites out there for that. But I certainly will tell you what I think about that news. And I plan on adding a few more regular features as well, including book reviews. I read voraciously and haven't blogged enough about it.
As far as me outside of horror, I work on the administrative side of medicine, will be married for 20 years on Valentine's Day (yeah, I know...) to my honest-to-goodness best friend, and have two cats, Oliver and Biscuit, who drive me insane on a daily basis.
I love Pittsburgh Steelers football and am lucky enough to attend several games a year. Thoroughbred Horse Racing is my other full-blown passion, and I also am infatuated with long rides on the back of my husband's Harley.
We also have a cabin in the woods about an hour north of our home, and it looks just like the cabin from The Evil Dead. No cellar though, so we lucked out there. And we took the swing off the front porch, cause it kept bumping against the side of the cabin in a most annoying fashion;)


B-Sol said...

I worked for the WWF, and I can state without hesitation that it is not as cool as FWF :-)

Aleata Illusion(GoreGoreDancer) said...

Love FWF, Christine is awesome!

C.L. Hadden said...

Thanks to Rhonny for spotlighting me, and to B-Sol and Aleata for your kind words;)
Love you guys.