Monday, January 11, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - My Zombie Pin-up

My Zombie Pin-ups are the coolest Chick around. Sexy, Artistic...and dead. With amazing photos, beautifully done make up, and killer lingerie, the My Zombie Pin-up's calendar is one of the, if not the coolest, ones out there. I got a chance to interview Shalaco Sching, one of the co-creators along with Robyn Malter, about this killer work of art. My Zombie Pin-up are in the Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight.

Q: Where did the idea for my zombie pinups come from?

A: Lets just say that there was a lot of tequila involved.

Q: How did you get started?

A: First we did our research. We researched all the pinup artists and found that gil elvgren was the master of the genre. We quantified the things that made up a pinup: amazing hairstyle, well put together vintage outfits and an 'oh woops' moment that generally gravitated around a garment malfunction. After figuring out sort of the taxonomy of a pinup we set out and had conversations with experts in all of these fields. Next we took the same step with zombies. And then finally we married the two concepts.

Q: How do you find your models?

A: Most were fresh cadavers. We would take turns being glued to the police scanner a few days before the shoot. It is very important to get the model into their pose before rigamortis(this is spelled wrong) fully sets in. If we did not have what we came to call an 'abra-cadaver' moment we would simply go down to San Francisco's tenderloin and look for the freshest drug addict and pull the whole 'does this rag smell like ether to you?' bit.

Q: Where can people get the calendar and find out more?

A: You can get a calendar at
You can see our inspiration here:

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