Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Interrupted Dead

Eyot Films is an independent Toronto based film company specializing in horror-comedy features. Co-founders Jen Martinovic and Matt Ramphal write, produce, direct, shoot, and edit their own productions. In 2009, they completed their first feature length film called Interrupted Dead and sent me a screener for review.
After participating in a seance, Jeff gets a little more than he bargained for: the awakening of a murderous ghost. As the bodies pile up around him, Jeff must figure out how to put this maniacal spirit to rest, before it's too late. The film is a fun, low budget, independent horror comedy that does the job and makes you laugh. The acting is bad on purpose, the story is pretty good, ad the death scenes are some of my favorite for an independent film (I'll never see a broomstick the same way again). Overall it's a decent and fun film, so check it out!
Also, I got to talk with Co-founder and actress Jen Martinovic about the film and company for the Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight

Q: How did Eyot Films get started?

A: Matt had been directing, shooting and editing short films. Jen had
been working as a live sketch-comedy performer, and together we would
write sketches for her weekly and monthly shows. The characters we
were coming up with tended to be these dark, confused, severely
problematic people. We decided that they were perfectly suited for
horror-comedy type movies. Being horror fans, we had noticed tons of

independently made low/no-budget films on the market, and we figured -
we should really be doing that. So we did.

Q: How did you come up with the concept for Interrupted Dead? What inspired it?

A: We’ve always been fans of ghost stories. We’re also big on slasher
movies, where people systematically get brutally picked off by the
killer. Lastly we really enjoy ridiculous character based comedies, so

Interrupted Dead is basically a blend of our three favorite genres. We
weren’t really trying to break any new ground with the plot, and
instead decided to focus on how we could put a different spin on the
formula. We did so by creating bizarre, eccentric, and hopefully still

somewhat relatable characters, and putting them through the killer
ghost experience.

Q: Could you tell about the experience of making your first feature film?

A: It was fun, grueling, educational and frustrating. The best part was
working with some very talented, funny, positive people that were just
happy to have a platform to work on. When you make a movie on
virtually no budget, you have to learn to be creative and go with
whatever is thrown at you. It was a tough experience at times, but
ultimately, a very rewarding one that was well worth it.

Q: Whats coming up next? Where can we learn more?

A: We have another horror-comedy feature we’ve just finished writing.
We’re also developing a comedy idea which we’re thinking of making
into a TV pilot. Either way, we’re hoping to put together enough of a
budget to make them happen early this year. For more information on
Eyot Films, you can check out our website at and/or
you can follow us on Twitter for updates!

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