Sunday, November 15, 2009

One Month Online for Dollar Bin Horror!

Today is one month that Dollar Bin Horror has been online! I never thought this little blog would go as far as it has. I started out just posting movies I found for a buck, and now I'm doing interviews, reviews, and running a twitter and facebook for the blog! I really wanna thank everyone who helped me get my feet wet in the horror blogoshpere, anyone who ever re-tweeted a post on the blog's twitter, everyone who posted a link to my blog on their site, all the amazing people who let me interview them for this blog, and everyone who just stops by to check it out! I NEVER thought I'd get to do interviews or make awesome horror friends here, but thanks to everyone who helped, I have. I hope to go even further with this blog and that everyone keeps stopping by to check out the new posts. Thank you.

Now Billy has virtual cupcakes for everyone!!!

And for everyone, whether your a fan of Dollar Bin Horror already or just viewing this blog for the first time today...

Sending Deadly Kisses,
Rhonny Reaper

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