Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight - Rick Romanowski

Rick Romanowski is a 19 year old film student going for his PhD in film and runig one of the best horror blogs on the web, A horror fan from a young age, Rick gives reviews and interviews on his blog with his own personal touch and view on the horror genre. This is why Rick Romanowski is in the Dollar Bin Horror Spotlight.

Q: Who are your horror Idols?

A: I have a bunch of them but I would have say directorial wise that would be David Cronenberg, Wes Craven, John Carpenter, William Castle and probably George A. Romero. As for general horror idols; that would be Stephen King, Robert Englund, Anne Rice and Vincent Price.

Q: Right now your taking classes in college to one day make films. Are there any particular actors or directors who inspired you to take this road?

A: I don’t really have any kind of actor that inspired but the one director that I have always been obsessed with was Quentin Tarantino because he started off like me and his visions and writing style are exactly the same as mine. He mainly does homage films and creates worlds for his characters as well as precise but pointless dialogue… the same as I would do. He was the one who inspired me to look further into classic Hollywood movies besides just horror.

Q: Out of all the films on your site, what are the Best and Worst horror films you have reviewed?

A: There are a number of terrible films that I reviewed off of my blog, I wrote one for Obscure Horror for a movie called S.I.C.K. and Dark Fields. Those are probably the worst movies that I have ever seen. As for the best, I don’t want to name past movies but rather recent best movies that I have seen such as Pontypool, Life Room and Trick ‘r Treat.

Q: You do interviews on your site called Paradise Profiles, Who was your favorite person to interview and why?

A: Since it was a relatively new installment the one person that I really enjoyed interviewing had to have been the guy who ran Mental Kavity because he was so enthusiastic and so excited that he wrote paragraphs for my questions. I had to cut so much stuff out and I felt so bad. He was my favorite.

Q:When I read your goals on the site, it says that you have made several "student quality" films already. Could you tell me more about them and If they are or ever will be released to the public on youtube or something like that?

A: Haha!! Student quality means below low budge to the point where we didn’t have spend over $20. It was a “spirit video” that my ex-friend and I made to boost the school pride and we decided to do it as a parody of Star Wars. We made a second part to the movie, only costing $25, and it was called Warrior Wars II: The Wildcat Strikes Back. It was released in our school back in 2005 and 2006 and my friend put it up on YouTube a while ago. It got a slew of negative comments.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say, share with, whore out to the readers of this?

A: Probably to just check out my blog at and troll around and comment on anything you like. I don’t really have much to say but I am also a HUGE horror fan and I love meeting and talking to new people.
Here is a link to my interview back in 2006 on the set:
Here is a link to Warrior Wars II: The Wildcat Strikes Back


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