Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome All Horror Fans!

Welcome, one and all, to Dollar Bin Horror. My name is Rhonny Reaper and this site is dedicated to those of us who can't always afford to go see a new horror film for $10 a pop, for those of use who can't afford to rent a new to dvd horror movie for $5 a night. Thats right, this is the site for us cheap-os, the fans who are scared of the price to see a horror flick more that the film itself!. This site is dedicated to the savior of the broke horror fan...Dollar Bin Movies. If I can find it for a dollar, I will share it with the world and hopefully cure your hunger for a horror movie night without busting your wallet!
After I finish college, my ultimate goal is to film and produce low budget horror films under Dollar Bin Horror productions, and give other young horror fans, like me, a chance to fulfill their dreams of making horror films. Until then, i hope you enjoy the films i review here on my site and even more fun saving money on great horror films!
---Rhonny Reaper

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